3D printing

3D printing

How did I get into 3D printing ?

It all started when I was working as an Architectural Model Maker.

As I work with 3D files and create physical  3D objects over the years, I’m quit exiting about the whole 3D printing madness going on these days.
That’s where I want to offer my services,

The fact that you can order 3D objects trough shape ways, 3D printing hubs or on your on desk with a desktop printing, is quite unique.
No physical workshop is needed, you can order your designs 24/7, and get immutably a price, or a material estimation if you own your own 3D printer.

Creativity+3D program+3D printer=job done.
Sure, the 3D printer is not for everything, but it will change a lot of things how we produce them now.

I also wrote a book about 3D printing, titled:

3D printing projects, 20 projects for your 3D printer.
With can be bought on Amazon.

As the 3D process can be quite complicated,and overwhelming, That’s where I might be able to help you out with my services.
-Transform your designs to a 3D print.
-Wich 3D printer and material for your product.
-Thinking of buying a 3D printer, but need some advise ?

Please contact me at my 3D printing website:


Some of my designs:

fairphone case holes

fairphone case holes

A case for the fairphone.
The fairphone case can be bought on my shapeways site:

IMG_5290 IMG_5303 IMG_5230-2 IMG_4951 IMG_4857 IMG_4794 IMG_4793

 Battersea Power Station Webcam Cover